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The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a sustainable functionLearn from Marlize Horn, Capricorn Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs and Acting Head of Capricorn Foundation, how corporate social investment (CSR) can be a sustainable function.2021-11-25T07:51:04Z
Capricorn Group reveals state of the art Capricorn Corner buildingRead more on Capricorn Group’s state of the art office facilities - Capricorn Corner. The building’s inauguration was officiated by Mr. Koos Brandt, one of the founders of Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Group visionary.2021-11-12T09:29:45Z
Capricorn Group sponsors the 20th annual BEN-Africa ConferenceRead more how Capricorn Group sponsored the 20th annual BEN-Africa Conference where fishrot whistleblower Mr Johannes Stefansson received the Order of the Baobab award.2021-11-11T06:35:15Z